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It’s a small world huh… You was looking for The Snobs band? A way to put a huge dent in your Visa Card? Well, here is one option: Buy some Artwork - Thanks

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Snobs Space Labs is a web concept labs located on the West Coast of Norway - This website is built and produced drinking large amounts of dark roast coffee

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Welcome to Snobs Space Labs! We are all about innovation and putting ideas into system! Hey listen up: A idea is worth more than money! Our goal is to come up with ideas and put them into system. We seem to never run out of new ideas and we have come to the conclusion that we will never be able to do something about all our ideas, so we would very much like to invite you guys to contact us for brainstorming sessions! We love doing that! Just drop us a line or two and we will get right back to you! Why not give it a try? As everything happens in real time now Be aware that we sometimes sleep at the lab or actually is out walking… To see what we have been up to the last 5 years: Enter the time machine

This site will continue to evolve and alter as we go along building it into what we want.. We promise it will never be finished and never stop to surprise you. It is in fact our goal to one day totally disappear and reappear in a completely different format. Maybe in the form of a book.. Maybe in the form of a painting… maybe in the form of a song.. Who knows. This site is just meant to be a provocative initiative to make people think different. So sit back and enjoy the ride…

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Our home is your Palace…  Welcome to the Snobs Space Labs homepage! This is a production that is in constant BETA and experimental mode.. It all started in May 2009  and have been a project we have enjoyed working on! Site has been sleeping for a while, but now we are back on track  big time!

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We will migrate to The Grid in year 2015!

      We will change name to “Riino Labs” in year 2015! Just a heads up so you know