Welcome to Snobs Space Labs
                                          We are a web concept labs located on the West Coast of Norway

Snobs Space Labs was created on the May 13 2009 and has since then served as a platform for web concept experiments and
research. We have had fun these years and celebrated 5 years online (with this domain) this year. We have talked to many people
during this time and have been a “invisible” contributor to various web projects since day one and have done our share of
“white hat hacking” and have been in dialogue with many other web site owners and company’s and shared our views and finds
along the way. Some of our projects have been terminated and some former domains that used to be in our portfolio has been
“snagged” by domain squatters and we are laughing a little about it since they don’t have our ideas and concepts to put on it.
It is possible to view portions of our experiments on the INTERNET ARCHIVE

Now this site mostly serves as a communication platform or business card for the owner. You may contact us, and you will
find our contact information here

Just for fun we set up our Radio Wall and we also set up a TV page both mostly for our own entertainment

Since May 22 2014 we also added a Visitor Map to keep an eye on who is visiting and from where.

To our loyal visitors and collaborators and to all the people we have been talking to during these years we would like to say a
special thanks! It’s been a fun journey and we have learned so much.

Now that autumn is coming up and weather changes we will have time to hatch out something new, so you will see soon!

Please contact us if you want to discuss or need insight in our research. We do not reveal our sources or collaborating parties,
but can share basic finds and results. We delete all emails after short time from our mail server as we move on and keep your
information safe. We also have a thumb rule that we BURN letters sent to us after reading them, so your information is safe.

We want to share two BIG scale level projects we support: Internet.org & Newlife.tk Please visit these sites from time to time